Pure Symmetry Coaching & Consulting


  • Development of unique leadership presence and professional brand
  • Ability to deal with challenges in all aspects of work and life
  • Increased confidence and polish in public speaking
  • Enhanced team adaptability and performance
  • Increased confidence to take risks and drive innovation

1:1 coaching, team training, group coaching

every experience is unique. 

My work is about helping clients develop the necessary skills to make real changes in the areas that they wish to focus on. All of the work I do is based on the premise that every client is fully capable both of creating their own change, and doing the work to make that change a reality.

Gaining a deeper understanding of both explicit and implicit motivation can enable clients to make changes for the better; transforming self-sabotaging behaviors and distorted thinking in order to tap into their natural resources and resilience, and move closer to their goals. Whether the client is focused on taking their career to a new level, developing executive presence and polish in public speaking, or maintaining a lifestyle that enables them to overcome challenges by building resilience, I work with each individual, team or organization to discover what is getting in the way of making an impact in order to enable them to make a shift.

Offerings are tailored to each client's specific needs, and customized to deliver optimal results.

Roadblocks that are hindering progress are explored to determine a sustainable approach to overcoming them in the short term, and for the long haul.

Regular check ins enable assessment of progress, and realignment of the approach to the goals of the individual or organization if needed.

Maintaining momentum is crucial to sustained success. Coaching is tailored to enable ongoing immersion in concepts and frameworks delivered as needed. 

Each engagement is custom designed for the client, aligned specifically to the needs of the individual, team, or organization.