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Our lives are determined not by what life brings to us, but rather by the attitude we bring to life; not so much by what happens to us, but by the way we choose to perceive what happens.


- Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - ICF Accredited
- MA. Organizational Development and Leadership
- BA. Psychology, Communications

- BA. Equiv. International Communications
- Nutrition and Wellness Consultant - AFPA Certified
- Certified in Leadership and Management Effectiveness
- Certified in Comprehensive Evidence Based Coaching

With over 2 decades of experience across both public and private sectors, I work toward a more fulfilling world by helping people and organizations thrive. I have benefited from deep experience in dealing with individual and inter-personal issues, life transitions, and communication challenges. I am a specialist in nutrition, wellbeing and stress management, communication, and executive presence coaching, helping clients to achieve positive, long-term change in behavior over time through cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology interventions. I believe that every individual is capable of finding the answers they are looking for inside themselves.

As a certified Evidence-Based Coach, I take a practical, real-world, empathetic approach to skill-building that helps clients observe, conceptualize, adjust, and experiment with their actions and reactions to their individual circumstances. This strengths-building approach to coaching enables clients to drive their own development at their own pace, enhance their communication skills, and choose healthy and collaborative behaviors. I teach leaders, teams and individuals to manage stress in the moment, and create strategies for a more resilient future.

I am dedicated to coaching individuals to find their sense of balance, both within the working environment, enhancing productivity and accountability for execution, and outside of the organizational context, finding balance through a holistic approach to work and life. Whether working with individuals, partners, or organizations, I see the coaching process as facilitation of change and growth through a deeper understanding of motivations, acceptance of reasonable limitations and challenges as an expected part of the process of change, and re-engagement with others in a more positive manner. I focus on keeping stress, fear and anxiety from eroding focus, health, creativity, relationships, and even profits. My mission is to empower and support others to create joyful and fulfilling lives and careers.

Perhaps you are an executive in transition, or a small business owner looking to find the balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family. You may be a leader seeking coaching on your executive presence and communication style, or an individual wishing to launch a new life chapter or a renewed focus on your health and wellbeing. Perhaps it is simply that you need to rethink your priorities, or that you want your already great relationship to be spectacular through enhanced communication. Whatever the reason you are seeking coaching, I am here to help you through your transition. 

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Tracey grove