Roadblocks that are hindering progress are explored to determine a sustainable approach to overcoming them in the short term, and for the long haul.

Regular check ins enable assessment of progress, and realignment of the approach to the goals of the individual or organization if needed.


Pure Symmetry Coaching & Consulting


Each engagement is custom designed for the client, aligned specifically to the needs of the individual, team, or organization. 


Regardless of the audience type, all programs are designed to support individuals and organizations to reach five key outcomes:

  • Improved collaboration and conflict management
  • Clarity in communication and personal presence
  • Increased productivity and ability to overcome obstacles
  • Increased engagement and reduced attrition
  • Enhanced adaptability, resilience and performance​

Maintaining momentum is crucial to sustained success. Coaching is tailored to enable ongoing immersion in concepts and frameworks as needed. 


A unique approach to every client

There is no one-size fits all solution to building resilience in individuals, teams or organizations. Gaining a deeper understanding of both explicit and implicit motivation can enable clients to make changes for the better; transforming self-sabotaging behaviors and distorted thinking in order to tap into their natural resources and resilience while moving closer to their goals.

Coaching explicitly makes the assertion that each client is uniquely positioned to make the changes needed to achieve the desired outcome. By building awareness of the impact of their behavior on others, individual contributors, teams, managers and leaders can shift the conversation; creating clarity in communication that helps both individuals and leaders to deliver enhanced performance.

Through facilitated discussion, ongoing team conversations, internal reflection and consistent practice, clients learn to recognize triggers for old behaviors, hold themselves and each other accountable, and integrate and master the skills to shift to behaviors that increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Content of programs blend extensive real-world experience with leading research in neuroscience, cognitive-behavioral science, mindfulness, communication and organizational development theory to deliver a customized approach tailored to each client.