• 1/3 of adults are experiencing clinical signs of anxiety, depression, or both (Federal survey, May 2021)
  • 93% of employees find their workplace stressful due to workload (Korn Ferry survey, April 2020)
  • 550 million workdays are lost in the US every year due to stress (American Psychological Association, February 2015)
  • 66% of employees have left a position solely due to stress (Korn Ferry survey, February 2020)
  • Communicating for clarity of purpose
  • Leading through change
  • Hardwiring happiness to flourish in turbulent times


  • Challenging assumptions for increased performance
  • Dominating distractions for supercharged productivity
  • Cultivating fearless mental habits 

A cohort model designed to facilitate learning with others:

  • Practice – honing mindfulness mastery for high performance long after the training itself is over
  • Perspective – strategy and tactics working together to deliver a set of tools and skills for an optimistic mindset
  • Momentum – keep the power of ideas learned moving forward through a cohort that speaks the same language
  • Application – put leadership skills learned into action by engaging as a cohort to reflect and practice
  • Motivation – stay in the zone of peak performance by reciprocating support and holding each other accountable for results

Measuring your resilience is the first step to understanding where you have strengths to be optimized, and opportunities to shore up your resources. Take our RESILIENCE ASSESSMENT to see where you are today, and where you could be tomorrow.

Through a coaching model that is sustained over time, the process is designed to empower you and your team and outfit you with the tools you need to thrive. Reach out today to find out how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to building a resilient organization. ​




Six areas of focus for leaders:

Coaching & consulting

​​All programs are designed to support individuals and organizations to reach five key outcomes:

  • Improved collaboration and conflict management
  • Clarity in communication and personal presence
  • Increased ability to overcome obstacles
  • Increased engagement and reduced attrition
  • Enhanced adaptability, resilience and performance​

The world of work is more fast-paced, digitized and interdependent than ever before, and the addition of a pandemic has made any semblance of balance between home and work life a difficult challenge.

Resilience is increasingly needed in the workplace and in life. For professionals trying to do more with less, serve more demanding clients, and solve complex issues in a constantly changing environment, increased stress is becoming a part of working life. This new environment makes resilience a critical attribute, both for success, and to avoid burnout. In the Taming the Sabertooth program, we learn that while we may not be able to control our environment, we do have the power to control our response to it.

​Self-discovery and self-awareness are essential to developing our capacity to lead.  And a core component in that process includes personal reflection and analysis of our own behaviors as leaders. Equally as valuable is insight and feedback from those around us who know us well, who have experience of us in our role as a leader, and who are committed in their support of our personal development to provide honest input into the behaviors we exhibit to others.

Combined, these essential perspectives provide invaluable insight into how we view ourselves as a leader, how others view us, and what actions we can take to improve our effectiveness. 


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