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Taming the Sabertooth: Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World will be available in stores and online in March 2019.

Tracey Grove, M.A. ODL, P.C.C.

Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.) - ICF Accredited

M.A. Organizational Development and Leadership

B.A. Psychology, Communications

B.A. Equiv. International Communications

Certified in Leadership and Management Effectiveness

Certified in Comprehensive Evidence Based Coaching

Forbes Coaches Council member

International Coach Federation member

Delegate of the International Women's Leadership Association

Nonfiction Authors Association member


In a rapidly changing digital era, leaders must evolve to deliver a new experience for customers and employees alike. I work with executives and leaders to improve organizational effectiveness to drive profitability, increase revenue growth and improve employee engagement. I founded Pure Symmetry with the intention to help people and organizations thrive. 

My work includes helping leaders:

☞ Create high performing teams, crafting a culture that is agile and adaptable to change
☞ Build trust with customers and employees through authentic, open communication
☞ Align their vision and narrative to differentiate and compete in a volatile marketplace

I help executives from diverse lines of business all over the world deal with individual and inter-personal issues, communication challenges, and organizational shifts. With over 2 decades of experience across both public and private sectors, I have benefited from deep experience in dealing with individual and inter-personal issues, communication challenges, and organizational shifts.

I leverage organizational psychology, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral and positive psychology approaches to help clients break down patterns of behavior that do not serve them well. Communication and organizational relationship theories are applied to help both individuals and leaders to have authentic conversations that empower them and others to succeed, engaging employees and galvanizing leaders. Finally, stress management builds resilient individuals and organizations that are adaptable to a rapidly changing environment.

As a certified Evidence-Based Coach, I take a practical, real-world, empathetic approach to creating awareness, accountability and action for both teams and individuals. This skill-building approach helps clients observe, conceptualize, adjust, and experiment with their actions and reactions to their individual circumstances. This strengths-based foundation empowers clients to drive their own development at their own pace, enhance communication skills, and choose healthy and collaborative behaviors, even in stressful situations. I teach leaders, teams and individuals to manage their responses in the moment, and create strategies for a more balanced and productive collaboration.

I am dedicated to coaching individuals to find their sense of balance, both within the working environment, enhancing productivity and accountability for execution, and outside of the organizational context, finding balance through a holistic approach to work and life. Whether working at the individual, team, or organizational level, coaching is centered around the facilitation of change and growth through a deeper understanding of motivations, acceptance of reasonable limitations and challenges as an expected part of the process of change, and re-engagement with others in a more positive manner. I focus on keeping stress, fear and anxiety from eroding focus, productivity, innovation, relationships, and even profits.  

Through mindfulness-based performance coaching, leaders build resilience, humility, and an authentic leadership platform, enhancing trust and retention as they craft high performance organizations. Perhaps you are an executive looking to grow your business, or a small business owner looking to find the balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family. You may be a leader seeking coaching on your executive presence in the boardroom or building greater confidence when presenting on stage. Perhaps you are looking to make a shift in your career or launch a new chapter with renewed focus on balance. You may simply need help in rethinking your priorities, or maybe you want an already strong team to be strengthened through enhanced communication and trust. Through a coaching model that is sustained over time, clients are empowered to learn and grow while being held accountable for improvement. 

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