"Your talk was easily the best one that I

    attended and entirely worthwhile. I’ve been

    with Microsoft for almost 12 years in the field,

    at Corp and in many different teams. Your

    session really resonated with me. I am taking

    some of the points that you shared today

    back to my team off-site that I’m having this

    Friday. Thanks so much for sharing your

- AR, Business Ops Mgr, Microsoft

   "I loved how you took us through the different

   phases of building resilience – challenging

   assumptions, choosing attitudes, controlling

   distractions and committing to the journey,

   making progress over time!"
   - SS, Market Research Manager, Microsoft

   "Terrific discussion related to micro-

    aggression! Fantastic!"  

   "Outstanding stuff, would like to hear more

    from her."

   "Tracey is a fantastic storyteller and presenter

   and I appreciated her interaction with the

   audience, it was very engaging."

   "Tracey should teach as a course

    for executives. Good stuff."

    "Quick note of gratitude for your session on

    Building Resilience at the Women’s

    Conference. Your presentation style, content,

    and methods for driving home messages (like

    the multi-tasker 15 vs. 45 seconds exercise)

    are amazing! I am so grateful you made the

    time to present!"

    - KD, Principal Security Manager, Microsoft

    "The information she was sharing wasn't new,

    but how she presented it was excellent and

    made me realize a few areas where we'd

    missed the boat, or missed an opportunity to

    do something differently. I think it was the

    strength of her examples, and how she laid

    these out. Well done!"

    "She really worked with the audience."



Pure Symmetry Coaching & consulting

Keynotes that engage, inform and inspire audiences are crucial to making any event a success. For your next conference, retreat, or All Hands meeting, consider adding a Pure Symmetry keynote to bring an unique perspective to the concept of resilience and high performance in the workplace and in life.

I have presented in over 20 countries around the globe to diverse audiences of all sizes, both corporate and consumer, on topics such as mindfulness and performance, communication to engage your workforce, micro-aggressions and what to do about them, and dealing with stress in the workplace.

Two of my most popular keynotes explore resilience both from the perspective of the individual, and that of the organization:

Embracing the Saber Toothed Tiger: Building Resilience in a Stressful World

Peak performance is the mission of every organization today, Yet in a world where many teams find themselves trying to maximize productivity with declining resources, the pursuit of continual improvement often takes a back seat to pure survival, leading to fear-based work environments. Building resilience in the organizational context is becoming increasingly important. Note: This talk is also suited to a non-organizational context and can be adapted to suit any audience.

When Failure is Not an Option: How to build a Culture of Resilience at Work

The world is complicated, distracting, and evolving at a pace we're not used to. And we ask our employees to do more with less every day, often forgetting that they are people with real challenges, emotions and issues. People do not need to be driven to deliver results - leaders can shape a workplace where people are more likely to show strong optimism and motivation in response to consistency in communications, greater self-awareness, and leaders who prove they put people first. In this session we discuss how to build a stronger employee culture through communications.

Contact us to learn more. Content and timing will be customized to fit event and audience needs.