Cultivating a Culture of Trust
• Building a sense of camaraderie through open communication
• Exploring the trust equation and ways to maintain trust
• Discovering how trust is eroded and how to rebuild it when it breaks

Challenging assumptions for increased performance
• Navigating the human side of change and understanding stress
• Mastering the inner critic and self-defeating mindsets
• The Pygmalion Effect: How it negatively impacts our performance

Dominating distractions for supercharged productivity
• Leveraging energy cycles for productivity gains
• Using the power of pause to focus attention and reduce overwhelm
• Practicing cognitive flexibility to find flow and balance

Cultivating fearless mental habits
​• Breaking the worry cycle and overcoming fear
• Shifting perspective to more readily anticipate and overcome obstacles
• Cultivating an optimistic outlook that inspires creativity and risk-taking

* Includes an individual INSIGHT Inventory assessment to identify our own personality style and strengths, how we express our ideas and assert ourselves, how we approach and respond to others, the speed at which we make decisions, and how we structure time.





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Taming the Sabertooth sets the foundation for building resilience, optimizing performance, and creating a culture of inclusion and open communication at work. We explore the challenges faced in a dynamic and changing environment, along with a toolkit of actions and ways of thinking that are at our disposal to deal with those challenges. 

​Participants engage in immersions to learn new skills, along with opportunities to reflect on and practice the skills they have learned. They become a learning cohort that shares a sense of community, connection and purpose, both reciprocating support and holding each other accountable for putting what they have learned into practice. ​​​


Workshops vary in duration between 1 and 2 hours depending on topic

Cohort size

Up to 20 leaders per learning cohort


INSIGHTS assessment

8x group workshops 

INSIGHTS: Understanding our communication styles*

• Understand individual strengths at a deeper level
• Recognize the positive aspects of others’ personalities
• “Flex” styles to communicate effectively and improve relationships

Communicating for clarity of purpose
• Purpose, passion and pride: a new perspective
• Exploring the pillars of trust and what can break them
• Communicating to build psychological safety

Leading through change
• Motivation from the inside out: understanding stress
• Creating internal control to balance the need for external control
• The Rider and the Elephant: Navigating successfully though change

Hardwiring happiness to flourish in turbulent times

• Overcoming the negativity bias with the power of positive emotions
• Practicing gratitude to build neural pathways to optimism
• Activating the polyvagal response and parasympathetic nervous system

​“My team has really come together while developing their resilience skills. The program has helped them take accountability for their behaviors, creating a foundation of trust that will take us through challenging times.”  - CMO, Fortune 500 company

“I am delighted that our leadership trust score has gone up to 90%. The work you have done with my team has been transformational. I am a big fan of this program.” - Global VP, Fortune 500 company

“I appreciate the format of your program and the information you shared. Thank you for your thought-provoking questions and setting the right foundation for the team to work towards.”  - CEO, major services consulting company

"The training was more than effective, it changed how we managed.  Our employee survey results improved around leadership.  I brag about your development program often."  - COS, Fortune 500 company

"I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for the coaching you have given me since I became CMO. I read the advice every day as I review my task lists at the start of each day. Items like: 'Ask the team what they think', 'Help them see the future',  and 'Tell them I have confidence in their capabilities' to highlight a few. Your advice had made me a better leader this past year. For that I thank you very much and I am grateful we had the time together." - CMO, Fortune 500 company


Live facilitator-led experience

​In person or virtual

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