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​"Tracey is articulate, engaging, and confident-everything you want in a speaker. Her talk addressed many of the things that drag us down: stress, anxiety, poor diet and exercise habits, and negativity. She offered us practical tips for how to surmount those problems and rise up through resilient leadership." 

Head of Learning and Development

Gravity Payments


​"Tracey coached me around several communication deliverables over a period of a year. In the process she enabled me to find the best me. Rather than traditional teaching ways she followed a very modern growth mindset approach. As we continued, she moved from just helping me review communication deliverables to actually making that deliverable work for my growth as an executive. The minor tweaks that she helped me discover went a very long way in polishing my executive presence."

Senior Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation

"Tracey is a true professional who was attentive to detail in all of the preparation work, engaging and positive throughout the facilitation, providing the right tools to make changes, and followed up promptly. Her facilitation style is engaging, authentic, entertaining and highly interactive. She facilitated the change process of individuals and the global leadership team as a whole through deep insight, empathy, and encouragement. She helped the team to gain a deeper understanding of human motivation and group dynamics with real life examples that will serve them well into the future. Tracey provided all participants an opportunity to contribute while ensuring that no one individual dominated the discussion, and the global team came away inspired, energized and ready to step into being the change agents the company is expecting. Feedback from the team was that this was the best facilitated event they have attended. It was a true pleasure having Tracey facilitate such an important meeting that will establish the foundation for the business moving forward."

Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

SAP Concur

​"When you are getting coached or trying to identify a coach for one of your clients, it's a thoughtful task at hand. In the art of coaching, you strive to find someone that you can trust and have confidence that you will be heard and not judged. When I first had the privilege to meet Tracey it was the sincerity in the eyes and her tone of voice which hooked me.

It was a personally trying time for me while at Fielding and I recall in detail who was able to connect with me and who was not. I was impressed with her. I was a stranger and the connection with Tracey was solid. This is what you want in a coach, someone who can easily read a person or ask questions to understand where a client is at and how they are doing. Tracey has a compassionate demeanor and is truly sincere. These are rare qualities and I am fortunate to have her in my orbit."

Executive Director, Leadership and Organization Development
Sony Pictures Entertainment

"I had an unbelievable experience working with Tracey. Her coaching style enabled me to identify areas in my life that needed work, identify the changes that needed to happen to improve those areas, and make a plan to execute. Over the course of some major life transitions, Tracey helped me push away the stress and doubt and navigate the changes with ease and confidence. She helped me stay focused on my goals and live my life with intention when it was so much easier to stay with the status quo. Tracey helped me create the life I want for myself and now is probably one of the happiest times of my life. I have never felt more like myself and it is in a huge part thanks to Tracey.

Throughout our sessions, Tracey created a space for me to be honest with myself and what I wanted. It felt like I was talking to a best friend I've known for years and I always walked away from our conversations more confident and centered than before.  She was able to be a great listener and helped me gain new perspectives on life through a combination of drawing from her own experiences and asking me the right questions. The breakthroughs I had in my conversations with Tracey I am sure I will continue to draw from for years to come."

Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation

"Tracey is one of the best strategic communications leaders I've ever worked with. She has a number of skills including: the ability to coach leaders to drive employee engagement through effective communications: a highly skilled communications professional helping leaders establish their brand through executive/presentation skills; a gifted writer, can turn ideas into visual pictures, understands PR, social platforms for connection; understands how to infuse each individual’s persona into their “voice” and effectively guides leaders to build high performance organizations through storytelling and meaningful narrative."

Corporate Vice President

Microsoft Corporation

"As a client of Tracey's, I have seen myself make great progress in my ability to drive the strategic priorities of my organization with a sense of greater ease and openness. I am clearer about keeping the path less defined, though remaining steadfast on the outcome I will achieve. 
I have also benefited from examining some of the ways my action-orientation and extroverted nature show up in life (outside of work). I have benefited from deep exploration around how to trust my intuition, while leveraging my strengths for taking initiative and being decisive.

Tracey's ability to ask powerful questions, based on her fully present and listening intently, have proven to be a real gift to me. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tracey, when seeking greater clarity, or to support myself to accelerate my progress."

Senior Director, Leadership and Organization Development
Greater Denver Area

"Tracey is our executive coach for the Executive Leadership Team and named members of the Senior Leadership Team. She does one on ones with us monthly and also leads monthly group meetings for us. Tracey’s work with us over the last two years has been amazing and truly transformational for our business."

Chief Executive Officer


"Tracey earned her reputation as a compassion coach with me at the end of January 2012. In short, she exhibits great intuition and coach maturity.  Tracey is brave in her approach to un-peeling the onion and the heart of the matter while keeping the client’s agenda. Many of us go to work with the objective of getting the work done.  Tracey however has been able to have me parallel how my whole life is a part of me achieving the best results in my work life."

Leadership Bench Development Leader
Northrop Grumman Corporation