Taming the Saber-tooth - Building resilience in a stressful world 

Our most popular workshop suitable for all roles and levels of organizations.

Change is the new constant – the world isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Stress is a necessary part of our lives – harnessing the sweet spot that boosts performance takes focus. Building resilience takes reinforcement – neurons that fire together, wire together. It takes practice, persistence and grit to build your resilience muscle.

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When failure is not an option - Crafting vision, values and voice 

Our most popular workshop for managers, senior leadership teams, and executives.

Think about your company vision and values. Are people excited? Are they putting the best of themselves toward a common goal or are they demonstrating passive-aggressive behavior that can negatively impact your culture?

This workshop is designed to help you create a durable, impactful company culture - one that aligns and galvanizes efforts toward a common purpose. You and your team will learn how to inspire your people through clarity and authenticity, while agreeing on the leadership principles that will guide your business every step of the way.

In this intensive one day workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Clarity on what you stand for and what cultural expectations align with your organizational values
  • A new approach to employee engagement to inspire advocacy and mediate inevitable culture clashes
  • A set of leadership protocols developed and agreed upon by the executive leadership team 
  • Actionable strategies to create a culture of respect and evangelize and reinforce it through communication

The Power of Micro-messaging video

Command the Stage - Finding your voice and learning to use it

This interactive bootcamp prepares female leaders for the realities of being a woman on the big stage, the main stage, and the world stage.

Every cohort of senior female leaders will be immersed in a one-day event, completely focused on finding their voice, establishing their executive presence, and making themselves heard.

The Myth of Multitasking

In this 3 hour workshop participants learn:

  • How to harness stress to activate high performance
  • The power of challenging your inner critic to embrace change
  • How focused presence and the power of gratitude can shift your perspective
  • The ability to renew resources to nurture your recovery from stress

Workshops offer an opportunity to get hands-on and dig deeper into concepts, practicing skills that reinforce knowledge and establish new behaviors.

All are customizable as private workshops for your organization, corporate retreat, or conferences.

Contact us at info@puresymmetry.com for more information on workshops customized for your audience.

Leaders walk away with:

  • Your platform: your personal philosophy, what matters to you and the guiding principles that govern your actions
  • Your elevator pitch and distinct thought leadership to catapult you from business leader to industry leader
  • Strategies to own the stage, from camera presence and style to body language, intonation, pitch and posture
  • Proven techniques to handle high-conflict, high-stakes situations and navigate difficult relationships